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Located in the heart of Europe, the company SeparTech is your reliable partner for any screening equipment.

Our company might be young but Our passion for separation, screening, sifting, sizing, scalping, filtration is more than 15 years old.

Our specialist are motivated by finding the ideal solution taking into account the different aspects: the technical side, the financial side and delivery time.

At SeparTech we are passionate about delivering the best solution for our customers. In the today world, thanks to our stock and our screen facility, wer are able to help every company, whatever its size.

Our vision: Instead of the classical supplier-customer relationship, SeparTech develops a relationship which will be a win-win long term partnership.

Off course our know how for the screening process is based on a long experience.

Some call them vibrating screen, others call them sifters, separators or vibrating tumbling screens…many names for this type of industrial equipment but one name for a confident partner: SeparTech.


Whatever your application, SeparTech helps you to optimize your current equipment by adding our tremendous experience with screening equipment.

SeparTech provides in the whole Europe most of needed services, like optimizing the setting of your separator, maintaining it or installing new parts and screens.

SeparTech delivers the full range of products for the round tumbling and vibrating separators.

  • Set up separators:
    • if you currently meet some problems with your current screening equipment, like for example, low capacity, wrong or poor yield, screen blinding or screen tear
  • Screens for vibrating separators and for tumbling separators:
    • SeparTech offers a wide range of mesh material and opening;
      • on stock SS316 and Duplex, and on demand Polyester or Polyurethane;
      • TBC and MG mesh, from 11 mm down to 20 µ;
      • most material certificate shall be provided if asked before the Order is issued.
  • Spare parts for most of all separators’ types:
    • SeparTech offers a wide range of spare parts for vibrating or tumbling screens;
      • motors;
      • self cleaning kit with sliders of bouncing balls;
      • Flexible bellows, connectors, tubings,..
      • Ultra-sonic cleaning devices;
      • Gaskets.


SeparTech provides service for the companies who do not have the ressources : maintenance or parts replacement shall be done in a professional manner.

Animal feed

Bone meal, Feed pellets, fish meal

Environmental and Recycling industry

Plastics and PET recycling, Biogas sludge, Waste water


metal powders, alloys, 3D metal powders


polymer emulsion or dispersion, plastic pellets Process water filtration


detergents, additives, gun powders

Aviation and automobile industry

Food Industry



bio-fuels, used oils, cooking oils


tiles, lavatories equipment, insulators, potery


Mineral industry

pigments, ceramic


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